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How to Find Your Art Style

If you are determined to find your true, authentic, art style, you need to find a place within you where you are the most honest with yourself. In our day to day lives, it’s so easy to go, go, go and it can be difficult to slow down and just listen to yourself...actually listen to yourself. I found my art style by creating an environment where I felt most relaxed. At peak relaxation, I was able to let my art style flow out of me.

For months prior to finding my art style, I explored many different art styles. When I decided I wanted to make a small business come to life, I knew that finding a niche style was important for defining my brand. Knowing that troubled me because I didn’t have any clue what the Kara style was. I would look at Pinterest and Instagram to see what people liked and then create my own version of these styles. That didn’t feel natural or authentic to me but at the time, I thought I should create art that I thought people wanted. See my process here:

I started to do research on people. I asked my audience questions about themselves and then once again, tried to create art that fit certain molds. I realized that doing this felt like work to me. Over time, I got bored of styles because I had to actively think about what to create next. Art was not flowing out of me like it had in the past.
So, once I reached a point of complete confusion, I realized I had to take a step back. I had to stop doing things I thought others wanted and start thinking about what I wanted. It was then that I knew I needed a staycation (this was during quarantine). 

One weekend, I left my iPad, sketchbook, paints, and more at home and went for a run. At the time, I was living in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, and I ran to the East River. This was in the summer, when we could lay on the grass with the sun gleaming down. Ah, the days! I listened to Kygo, per usual, and fell into a meditative state. 

After arising from a beautiful slumber, I ran home, turned off the lights, turned on the fairy lights, and lit a fireplace on Youtube. This is a staycation at its finest when you’re in a small Manhattan apartment. My boyfriend went with the flow and turned on the lamp near his computer station, not questioning me at all. With the fireplace crackling, lavender tea smell in the air, I finally picked up my iPad and Apple Pencil. I tapped on the app, Procreate (which I highly recommend to anyone with an iPad!). My heart led me to choose an oil paint brush on the app, and I just started drawing. My artistic instincts were a sketchy look with a mix of colors. After, I created another. And another…

Opening a space in my mind for art without judgment was when I found my truly authentic style. I have continued to create in that style from that moment on and also create my commissions in that style too. I like to call it the kara-style because truthfully, I haven’t seen anyone else use it. 

When you are figuring out your style, my advice is to stop trying to figure it out. Create a space in your mind to let your natural art flow out of you. Whether that be wearing a face mask, dipping into a bath, going for a walk, or anything that helps you get away from any life-craziness for some time, try it out. Then, when you truly feel your most relaxed self, notice which materials you naturally pick up. Maybe you’ll lean toward painting or sewing, or collaging. And then, let your imagination lead to have fun with whatever it is you create. No judgment. Just create. When you feel done, look at what you’ve made.

If you’d like some more concrete tips to get started, try these:

-Find a place of pure relaxation where you are most at peace. This could be after taking a bath, putting on a face mask, lighting candles, wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, etc.

-Pick up a pencil or any material and draw a line. The hardest part is starting. You’ll see where that line takes you.

-If you’re not sure what to create, find any object in your home and draw that. 

-Keep going. This is a no-judgment zone. Just create. 

-When you feel like you’re done, either keep creating on more paper or take a moment to reflect.

Ask yourself:

-What part of this felt the most natural?

-If I were to draw more, what would the trend in style be?

-Do I like adding color? If so, what kinds of colors am I drawn to?

-Did I create something abstract or aim for realism?

-Did I enjoy creating this?

Reflect on these questions and that will open your mind to your true, authentic art style. 

Feel free to reach out to me more about this or share what you’ve come up with! My email is karaglassartwork at or you can DM me on Instagram: @kara_artwork


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